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New setup

I have now broadband installed today not a good start modem up and running will not let you connect to any TV in the home ? 

Legend 5
Legend 5


When you say “up and running” has your line been activated?

What do you mean won’t let you connect to any TVs, are you connected to other devices such as a phone or tablet?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Yes line been activated when you try to add WiFi connection to TV the hub is visible then when you put password in it says failed



You do realise that the new router will come with a different SSID and password from your previous router? And you can find the new settings on a label on the router?

And you need to set these new values in every WiFi device you have?

Unless you do what I do, which is change these values on the router, over a wired Ethernet connection, to be the same as for the old router? And then, all your WiFi devices can connect with the settings they have from before. Much easier.

Just remember that if you do this, and then ever reset your router, you will need to put the changed SSID and password back in.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
This week, I are genrally been watching epsidoes on my Sasmung TV