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I’m not actually getting fibre at all

I consistently get 12 or so mbps download speeds yet I’m paying for 60. I don’t think this is fibre at all. I’m changing supplier and they advised they need to install the fibre so this must mean I never got it from NOW yet I’ve been paying for fibre. 
I tried making a complaint and the bot was unable to accept a complaint and sent me here. Is anyone out there?

shocking lack of service 

Elite 3


I think you are confusing Fibre with Full Fibre.

Now uses FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet), your new ISP will be using FTTP (Fibre to the Property)

Both are allowed to be called "Fibre" but FTTP should be referred to as Full Fibre.


Dont blame Now, blame the advertising standards agency .

 Offcom are, as i understand it going to stamp this out, but not jst yet, and when they do it will be a case of bolting the door after the horse has bolted.


If you are moving to another copper based service then you may have the same issues with another provider, however full fibre should solve these issues.