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How Do I set up a Landline?!

Okay so I’m new to everything, and not sure to ask without sounding really dumb... but how do I set up a landline?!


I know I have to buy a phone but does it have to be a specific phone? Do I just plug it straight into the Phone slot? Do I have to use the micro filter (because an engineer came round as my wifi wasn’t working which I plugged in on activation day But didn’t work and couldn’t have someone come out till New Years and he said not to use it - is the fact I didn’t have a phone plugged into it the reason it wasn’t working? Or wouldn’t it have mattered? He didn’t say why.. Is the micro filter kind of like a headphone splitter and if I wasn’t to use it that would mean my calls wouldnt be synched with my anytime calls package? Or is that the millennial in me being stupid?) sorry I’m just really knew to all of this and kind of feel like a fish out of water!


Any answers would be amazing - thank you 🙂 x

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You don't need to have a physical telephone connected to your phone socket to use the NowTV Broadband service if you don't want to use the telephone part of the NowTV Broadband & Phone service.


Should you want to use a telephone then most hard wired or cordless phones should be fine that are suitable for using on a BT telephone type line.


Perhaps post the details of the telephone you are thinking of using or buying so somebody on here can double check it for you ?


With regards to using a microfilter, have a read of this linked guide article for further information if you need to use a microfilter or not in your home setup.