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Now account issues

Have held a now account for Broadband and landline for elderly mum. The fees were always around £20. This has leapt up to £43.50 a month

I have been sent an email for a reduced cost package. I used to log onto account and amend in there. Am no longer able to do this. The call centre says they can only knock off £2 a month and won't honour the email offer.

Have tried leaving - but the phone line goes dead. have emailed a complaint - who have directed me to the phone number I have already called 0330 3323050. I feel like I am being deliberately messed about so they can continue ripping me off. Any advice?

Champion 2

The email offer will have had an expiry date and a specific phone number to call in order to take it up. They are not ripping you off as you are free to cancel and/or switch to another provider at any time. 

Try this phone number otherwise: 0800 759 1213.