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Broadband Problems

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone had anything similar.


Attempted to move from Plusnet to Now Broadband on the 13th September but the activation was delayed. The internet works intermittently (it drops out every hour or so) with the new NOW hub, but the Plusnet hub doesn't work at all.

NOWTV say they'll update us on the 21st but I'm not too hopeful given other people have had similar problems that have lasted ages online.

Plusnet have charged us for another month (they said we'd get a pro-rata refund once the full switchover is completed) but it's at the higher out of contract rate. They're also charging us and providing no service. 

Also not sure as to whether I'm being charged by NOW even though the service isn't up and running.

Feel like I'm stuck between two companies and no one is really taking any responsibility. If anyone's got any advice that would be great.

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Legend 5


Are your drop outs over wifi or Ethernet?

At best you should contact NOW broadband support and report the fault.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

The drop outs are over Ethernet.

Cheers, I'll give them a ring them tomorrow.

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Bit confused why PlusNet are still charging you, if the Now router works you are on their (well Sky's actually) network now.

So yes, you need to report the fault to Now, as you are now their customer.