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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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Well my current offer ends on 3rd March so they have 5 days to sort this, or bye bye until I decide to have a binge of box sets again. 

I note they seem to update their app monthly and it’s been a month since the last update.  We can only hope they enable the tvOS side of the app in the U.K. with the next update. 

Positive side, if they still don’t sort this then it will save me the offer £3.99 price a month. Result!

Vote with your feet!

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So the monthly update is soon then I take it. Will wait and see what happens if no movement I think I wil also have to look elsewhere. 


My concern, @Anonymous User is that we are almost past a point of "hope" now...


What I mean by that is although I am certain the app will be updated... and have been certain for a long time given the situation with Ireland and Italy (theres basically NO technical reason why this is not rolled out to the UK)... I am bored of 'oh surely by x date'


I thought before Christmas, then someone mentioned January 20something... and of course Christmas came and went and so did January.  February is now over in 1 days time and STILL no update...


So whats the rush for them I suppose..... whatever the reason is for the delay there seems to be no discernable deadline for them and it languishes in oblivion until such time as they deem it appropriate to press the button to release it in the UK store.


Those who are waiting... or "giving it another week" or suchlike... I feel are going to be disappointed as it looks like NowTV are going to take their own sweet time!.


Having said that... I do wish that someone would officially address the situation, and someone who knows what they are talking about from NowTV release a statement telling us when we can expect the situation to change.  Then... people can make an informed decision as to whether to succumb and purchase a £20 stick... (horrible slow interface too)... or wait it out.


One thing I do know is that my AppleTV is great - i love it and used it as my daily TV box - and I long for the day I dont have to faff with tv inputs and remotes when I want to watch any Sky content.

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Fully agree with what just said @nst. We have been told by Twitter that it's being updated just not when it's being released. Just cannot understand it myself. 

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I emailed Jeremy Darroch to complain about the state of the Apple TV app last week. Got a response this week from someone in the executive complaints team. It seems to say it’s happening this year, but no better timescale than that was given :-(. 

I’m replying to this via my iPad, and cannot figure out how to upload the screenshot of the email - if anyone can help I’m happy to upload it. 

This is what it says though:


Thank you for contacting NOW TV. Your case has been escalated to myself in the Executive Complaints team.


I have reviewed your complaint and I can understand the frustration in relation to the update for the NOW TV app available on Apple TV.


I have checked with our technical teams and there has been a delay in the release of the update in the UK. It is scheduled for later this year but I cannot give you a confirmed date at this time.


The technical teams have advised that you may wish to continue to monitor the Community page as we may invite some customers to take part in a trial before the official release of the update.


I'm sorry that I don't have better news for you and respect your decision should you choose to move services. If you have any further concerns/queries please feel free to let me know and I will address these by return.


To contact us about this topic, reply to this email without changing the subject line.



Emma @ The NOW TV Team”


Thank you for sharing that with us.


Frustrating, and it doesnt tell us much.. and sadly "this year" is a big old window of disappointment.  I was hoping they could at least say by the end of Q1/Q2 etc.


What they fail to address is the reason why its live in other countries and not in the UK.  This is not an unworking, untested, unreleased app.


All it would take is something like "there is a technical issue pertaining to the UK user base and this needs further development and testing before it can be rolled out" or suchlike.


Anyway, the wait goes on.


I would actually suggest that fellow AppleTV owners ditch the app for now, and go out and buy a NowTV stick or box.... just as a stop gap.  i did this back in December and im glad I did - it was only £20 and to be fair the picture and sound using boost is very good - comparable to my old SkyQ service that it replaced.


At least you can 'enjoy' the proper NowTV experience that you are paying for, and then as and when they get the AppleTV app released then you can happily ditch the NowTV box.

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What was the email address you complained to. I'm not disputing what has been said by the response you got from nowtv. But if they are seriously telling it will be released later this year that's me finished. They already had beta testers last year and the app is already released in Italy and ireland. There is no need for beta testers. Bunch of amateurs all nowtv development how hard is it to get this app sorted.

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I emailed [email removed]


edit: this seems to auto-remove the email when I post it. 

let’s try this... it was jeremy.darroch



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I got the same email today


Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 17.43.24.png

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I think buying the nowtv stick just feeds into what they want. Your giving them additional revenue to watch the same content you should be happy to watch on Apple TV (or not getting in the case of boost pass). Every person leaving Apple TV and buying a nowtv product is benefiting them and decreasing the user base on Apple TV. 

It won’t happen but the only way to really drive this is if everyone using Apple TV cancels their subscriptions to nowtv.