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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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@Hooba I'd like to jump in with a caveat here regarding the now TV sky sports channels in the BT TV EPG.


The NowTV sky sports hd channels via BT TV EPG are broadcast in 1080i50, the same quality as the BT Sport HD channels. To be clear this is 1920*1080 50 interlaced FIELDS per second. An interlaced field is a half horizontal frame e.g. lines 1,3,5,7 etc then the next interlaced field is lines 2,4,6,8 etc. This is not at as good as 1080p50 which is 1920*1080 50 progressive (full frame) frames per second.


Therefore technically the 'best way' to watch NowTV Boost for Main Event, Premier League and Formula 1 is the 1080p50 streams via the NowTV app.


However I will concede that the 1080i50 of all the other NowTV sky sports channels is a good improvement over the 1080p25 via the NowTV app.


Hope this helps 🙂


The picture and sound on the NowTV sticks is superb... cant deny that.

And the sticks are dirt cheap... cant deny that.

The interface, and remote are HORRIBLE... slow... clunky... terrible (and this is their current gen flagship box!)


But also, the AppleTV is a supported device according to their website.... so some poor unsuspecting prospective customer might well pay for a movie pass etc with the full intention of watching it on their AppleTV (why should they go out and buy another device when they already have a "supported" one?).... only to find that its basically unusable rubbish right now.


Dont get me wrong.. when I signed up to NowTV in November I almost immediately HAD to go and buy the NowTV box as I was unwilling to put up with any less that 1080p and Dolby 5.1 sound.... however I resent having to do so and im itching to throw the thing in the bin at the first opportunity once the AppleTV app is finally bought in line with the SAME one thats ALREADY available in Ireland and Italy (note im no longer asking for the AppleTV app to be updated as thats already happened! - we just aren't allowed to use it yet)



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Here is the reply I got from nowtv help on twitter the third time I've sent a dm to them.



We are working on an update for this, thanks for your patience.
Just as I expected but they are working on it so I have to except there. The bottom line is people who have an apple 4k box are not gonna go out and buy an inferior piece of hardware despite it costing £20. As I've said before u pay for what you get and I've no issue with people doing that. But I like all my apps in one place and on one box. 
And I fully echo wat nst has just said.
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@Anonymous User  Ha ! That's brilliant - I hadn't clocked that the best way to watch Main Event, Premier League and Formula 1 is the 1080p50 streams via the NowTV app (on my BT TV box), even when I can access them through the BT TV EPG. Crazy times. But thanks for the heads up.


I can already see my mrs shaking her head when I launch the app to do so ... !

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@HoobaTo be fair what I said is based purely on the technical informt that is available for the different streams/ways of accessing the content.


I will leave it up to yourself who has access to NowTV 1080i50 through the BTTV EPG and 1080p50 through the NowTV app, both via the BT TV box, to determine which broadcast gives the truly better quality.


If you get the chance to test and try doing comparisons, I'm sure others as well as myself would be interested in hearing your conclusions.


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Heard back from NOW TV customer services and they have said they have no plans to update the app. 

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It’s safe to say any customer service department is unlikely to know the business plan of the company they work for. Unless it’s an official stance, then I’m sure they’d all have the same comment.

Don’t forget they’ve paid for and released the iOS version as a universal iOS / tvOS app, the tvOS side just hasn’t been released in the U.K. territory.


So they have updated the app, so their comment is incorrect. 


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I am aware of this. 

I was among the first to complain years ago. 

I just wanted to share NOW TV’s most recent stupid reply. Not because it is factual or accurate but because it is ridiculous. 

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Yes what a pathetic statement from nowtv. As many have said on here the app will be updated just taking an eternity. 


How UTTERLY ridiculous.


That response should be fed back to NowTV - people in a position to engage with the public need to be check their facts before responding to a genuine enquiry to be sure they are giving the correct information.


We have seen this a lot.  Makes them look even more amateurish than they already do.  Classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.


Despite the distinct lack of genuine information forthcoming from NowTV on the subject.. we as consumers have been able to ascertain the facts that the app HAS been updated and IS released in Ireland and Italy.  We know this for a fact.  To say the app isnt going to be updated has huge ramifications - for example they will lose any fee paying customers who rely solely on their appleTV and who have been patiently waiting for years for this.  Any such information might be enough to push some off the edge of the cliff now and if the say there is no app to come people will cancel their subscriptions.


Also, as I have said before.. the app on the AppleTV is simply not fit for purpose and should not be left to fester.


You know what.. something occurred to me.. perhaps they are confused with the AppleTV app on the older gen boxes (which is basically what was ported to the new AppleTV 4 years ago) rather than the one that exists for the current gen AppleTV 4K box etc.... I can certainly understand if the old app on the old box will be left unaltered.


Anyway, fact is we know a new app exists for the current gen AppleTV HD and 4K box... so all we want to know is why the app isnt available in the UK and when it will be.


Simple?  You'd have thought so wouldn't you.


Sorry to ramble but something else just worried me... I am assuming that this mythical new app will support the Boost function... bearing in mind boost isnt available on all platforms... if it finally appears and it doesnt support boost then I wont be able to use it anyway!...  Does anyone in here know anyone in Ireland that uses the app?  I know on the NowTV website the boost function is specifically NOT mentioned as working on the AppleTV but then this is where its confusing - i suspect that the website is aimed at the UK market and not Ireland...