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Hi everyone!  So quite disappointed this am, went to download the new Disney+ app on my nowtv box and it's not on the store!  It does say that it would be available on roku devices, is it not going to go on the store?  Thanks 


Wow u guys! I just needed a quick answer and u straight up confused me with all ur multi directing nonsense. Like u was sending a mouse Into a maze for some hidden cheese at the end that wasnt even there!! I Couldnt even find a valid email address to...

Using Netflix once pass finished with Now Tv

We currently have a 3 month cinema pass with Now Tv.i don’t think I will renew the contract At the end of the expiry.once I cancel the contract will I still be able to log into now tv to access the Netflix app, or Will I no longer be able to log in o...

Location trouble.

Can’t watch on my iPad because it’s saying they can’t verify my location... all my location things are switched on! And on WiFi. 

Resolved! Tv channels

Hiya! is there anyway I can get the ketchup tv app on my now tv stick?! My 3 year old loves it but I haven’t got a smart tv, I thought I might be able to get it through now tv Thank You 

Apple TV beta

Hi, I would like to apply for the Apple TV now TV beta app - can you please advise how I can do this ? Thanks

Subtitles when using chromecast

Hi, I’m trying to watch now TV movies casting from my phone to the tv using chromecast and we need the subtitles but it keeps coming up at the left hand corner and cutting out part of it. Does anyone know any way to fix this? 

Now TV freeview Channels

I have Now TV and just set up on an old TV via the 3 phono cable (it doesnt have HDMI) I wanted Now TV to give me freeview on a TV that couldnt get it. Does anyone know how to access standard Freeview TV channels? I have just set up and had to get th...

Remote control

My remote control for my smart stick has stopped working.  We have done a factory reset and changed the batteries and repaired the remote.  It operates the volume on the tv but nothing else. Have the home screen for now tv but can't move as the remot...