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Resolved! Disney+ App

I have two now tv boxes. One box had the disney+ app available for download but not yhe other. Why? And can someone help?

New to NOW TV

I’ve just switched to NOW TV and have my hub up and running with broadband and Wi-fi. Any advice as to how to access whatever comes through the telly? I don’t have a handset. I have an entertainment package apparently with access to various box sets ...

Tune in

My Tune in radio app isn’t working is there a problem

New to NowTV - Apple login forbidden (1610)

Signed up Now TV and not a great start tbh with my Apple TV (latest version). I can't login. I get Apple login forbidden (1610). I have carried out the following: 1) Deleted app2) rebooted Apple TV3) Install app That didn't work so I changd my login ...

Disney +

I'm having a problem with Disney +, I can't search for things on the app on now TV, it's only the suggest films/ TV shows that come up there's no search bar or options for marvel, Disney etc like there is on the app. Does anyone have any suggestions ...

Resolved! Disney+ subtitles

Hi guys,  Is anyone else having issues accessing subtitles on Disney+ via Nowtv? I’ve spoken to Disney+ and they reckon it’s a issue with Nowtv, even though I physically cannot see an option for subtitles.  Thanks in advance  

Broadband problems

I cant get on my apps on my tv and other diverse I have re-booted the box but still nothing I had a new connection for the phone line and broadband since then nothing 

Netflix not loading

For some reason we can’t get Netflix to launch today, all other apps are working fine. Netflix working fine on laptop, no issue with our account. We have taken off and reinstalled app, checked connection etc but can’t get it to load.Any ideas?

Resolved! Problems with Netflix app

Can you uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app. Mine is launching in Spanish. I can exit the app but when I load it again it doesn't give me the option to enter my details - just launches at the profile page in Spanish. Thanks!