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Apple TV app

Just purchased Apple 4K TV and saw it had the nowtv app which was great everything on one box except the app doesn’t have any of the capabilities of the nowtv box, the main annoyance is my list where it keeps track of what you watch and you can easily see new episodes.  Before I dig out the box and set that back up again what is the chance that the app will have the same functionality as the set top box anytime soon? Thanks in advance

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The Beta Trial is still ongoing, It hasn’t been canned at all. Unfortunately these things take time, the sooner the general public are given the app the better.

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Hi there,


I’m having frequent issues with streaming nowtv through the apple tv app. 

i have superfast lightstream broadband streaming download/upload speeds etc, and have tested my wifi. No issues on any other streaming app etc.


it’s stop and starting so many times, where you have to exit the app to be able to get it working again. On Sunday i was watching a film and it glitched over 15 times!


also from a development POV does anyone know if there’s a plan for the app to recognise if you’ve not been watching for a while and allow apple tv and your tv to sleep? Like all other streaming apps? Ie if you fall asleep you don’t wake in the night to a bright screen etc.



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@Anonymous User 

This is a customer to customer forum, so its going to be like minded customers that will be able to provide any help or speculation on the app itself. 


If your wanting a reply from staff you can send an email using the address found in the post directly up from yours. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help