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iOS app doesn’t play video

Hi, I’m running the latest iPadOS on a 2021 iPad 12.9. The NOW TV app load up fine and I’m able to browse content. The issue is when I go to play content I just have a blank screen with a play button. When I tap the play button nothing happens. The o...

Date of next episode not showing

For tv series the date of when the next episode would be avaliable used to be displayed, it’s not been showing for weeks…have nowtv made a change?

Help logging in

I rest my roku stick, and I been logged out my now tv .. I re download the app and it still saying connect Internet even though it is. Or error all time when try go my account won't give me option to log in anyone able to help?

No NOW TV app on Firestick?

I have a Firestick TV Basic Edition. However I cannot find the NOW TV app on it, even if I search for it. I can only find Access Now TV, which is a bootleg app and doesn't work anyways. Any ideas what's going on?

Poor app and out of date service

I have a 4k tv and dolby atmos setup £5 extra for 1080p and 5.1 is laughable especially if you have apple tv you only get 1080pI tried it but will not be renewing it there is better cheaper alternatives out there Maybe in 5 years they will catch up a...

OOPS Something went wrong

Repeatedly keyed (correct) usernames and passwords of two distinct NowTV accounts on NowTV through ROKU stick attached to a TV, with same OOPS message each time (although works on iPad).  Contacted NowTV Chat, tried to reset password, but even that w...

Won’t play on my ipad

I can’t watch Now tv on my iPad since it was updated the other day. Is there anyway of fixing it without having to pay a new iPad??

Resolved! Apple TV app

Just purchased Apple 4K TV and saw it had the nowtv app which was great everything on one box except the app doesn’t have any of the capabilities of the nowtv box, the main annoyance is my list where it keeps track of what you watch and you can easil...

Engineer has not showed up

No show from engineer! I have already waited 11 days for this appointment. Was supposed to be here today between 8am -1pm. No phone call or text message about delays. Been told to ring back tomorrow after being told there is nothing they can do! Not ...