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My broadband is down. I’ve done the technical checks but no luck. Does anyone know a phone number or where I find the live chat? Thanks. 

Mobile pass

I’ve paid for monthly sky mobile pass and can only connect to sky news. It keeps telling me I have to buy a pass for the other channels. What do I do? 

Resolved! sky sports pass offer

Its saying I can get sky sports for £25 fper month for 2 months but when I press continue it say the offer is no longer available

ITV Hub issues

anyone else having issues with ITV Hub keep freezing?  I've reset box, updated software and still it won't work

ad block

Since setting up now tv, my ad block no longer blocks ads in Chrome.The buddy settings are turned off so nothing should be limited. Can anybody please tell me how to make it work again? Thanks

Parental Pin

Hi guys, hope someone can advise. So I have had my NowTV account for several years and from nowhere the other day I started getting asked for my parental pin for nearly every channel for live tv and various box sets. I didn’t even know I had a pin so...


I just paid for now tv films and I pay 5 pound something for entertainment till September but had 3 pound taken out account for what can’t ring anyone can’t chat on chat line about it says now tv plus what is that not even applied for it