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Resolved! Takes forever to load any tv app or youtube

Hi, Is anyone else having this problem? It literally takes ages for any show to load on netflix, bbc, youtube etc. Somrtimes it just doesn't load or after ages of loading it will start buffering every couple of seconds throughout a show.  I have a ro...

Wrongful charge.

Hi. I have been charged £11.99 twice for an entertainment pass which I cancelled and a £3.00 tv boost twice. My son in law got me a now tv stick as a present with free passes on it. Not used them. Cancelled them on the date that it said and I have be...

Cancellation my internet for no reason

I would like to understand, why you guys canceled my internet with 1 month of use. The technician came to my house, on August 18th (at 8:10 am), said that the installation was OK and you, after 1 month that my internet was active, you cancel.

New firmware

Ever since the firmware was updated on my now TV 4k stick it has made it useless. The firmware has slowed the stick down greatly and the interface is the most un user friendly setup I've seen. Today my stick will not play wheeler dealers without stop...

Email re white box replacement by Smart Stick

I too received an email about the soon to be obsolete white box. Invited to get a free stick but requesting a pin for my bank card. Have no idea why there is a need to want a pin when Now TV are responsible for removing access for the white boxes. Wh...

Engineer Visited but not installed

Hi - I had an engineer visit to my new built flat yesterday but he could not install the Wifi socket in the flat. He was hardly here for 5mins took some pictures to show there needs to be a new cable pulled into the flat and went away saying someone ...

how do i make a complaint?

i bought a sports pass for @£25.00 a month and when it came to end price was going up to £33.99 a month so i thought i should cancel.but NOW TV GAVE ME A OFFER OF £19.99 FOR ONE MONTH SPORTS INSTEAD TO i took the offer and i was told my next ...

NowTV box delivery

NowTV broadband box was delivered and I couldn’t pick it up so it was sent back to NowTV. I haven’t been able to contact anyone nor have I had any emails asking for a new delivery. It’s been ages and still nothing. Can anyone help?

Problem with remote

Hi everyone please forgive my ignorance as I am new to all this community help. I've been a NOW TV subscriber for a while but recently got a new box. I've been using the remote without it completely set up.this evening I set up the remote but unfortu...

Going live

I have received a new box and was meant to go live a couple of days ago but haven't and have had no email or any contact from now