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Connecting an additional Now TV Box

I've just purchased an additional Now TV Box from your site, but when I try to connect it to my account the website simply jumps back to the homepage?

Is there a problem with your website this morning?

I am signed in, but it won't let me access my account?

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Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User if clicking My Account takes you to the homepage, you've logged in with the wrong username. It's possible to have multiple Sky iDs and only the one attached to NOW TV will work. If you've had Sky Broadband or TV in the past your browser may have auto completed your old username. Try other usernames you might use or the forgotten username link on the login screen.
Also you could look through your emails for communications you've had with NOW TV and see if any of these include the correct one, or load the app which you've been watching on and check the settings to see which username is on that.

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for getting in touch, as mentioned by @Anonymous User this normally means you're logged into another account which has no active passes.


I will try and find this for you and e-mail you now as it's account related. Keep an eye out on your inbox.