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Now TV Stick Pre Loaded Passes do not add to Account

Hi All,


My First post.


I have purchased several NOWTV Sticks with pre-loaded passes from ASDA and TESCO.  Each stick includes 1 month Entertainment, 1 month Cinema and 1 day Sports pass.  


Since the new website launched a few months back I get the problem that the Sports Day Pass does not add to my account. Entertainment and Cinema load ok (most of the time but not always). 


This results in me having to contact Now through Live Chat and invariably takes an age to get resolved.  Last weekend for example I wanted to watch the Man Utd v Leeds match which was followed by the Man City v Tottenham cup final.  It took circa 3.5 hours on live chat to resolve the problem meaning I missed the entire United / Leeds match.  This weekend another 45 minutes trying to get a Sports pass added via Live Chat.  Yesterday the same.  Its so frustrating, not to mention a waste of my time.


Any thoughts??


Thanks in advance for your help and kind regards

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Hi @Anonymous User


Unfortunately the has being happening for a while on certain customers accounts reading previous posts on the Community Forum.


I haven't bought a NOW Stick in a few years with the Vouchers on them. 


I don't think there is nothing us fellow customers can help with, where you need the assistance on NOW live chat.


How many more Sticks have you got left to setup?


Where I can only suggest set them up before the day you want to trigger them where under normal circumstances they should be saved under your My Membership with a message and link saying "Vouchers Waiting For You".


Unfortunately if they don't load you will have to spend your valid time speaking to NOW live chat, but at least the Day Membership will be ready and saved on your account before the day of the sports event that you want to watch. 

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Thanks for your reply.  I think I have about 10 left.  I think the problem is more widespread than just individual accounts it maybe everyone currently has this problem from what I have just been informed.  I have just got off live chat and they said its a known problem.  They blamed the retailer for not giving me hard copies of the codes at the time of sale.  Thats sounds unfair though.  I am sure the retailer doesn't want the hassle of matching every code to every box - that's if they have access to the codes of course.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't know what NOW live chat are talking about when they are referring to hard copy codes.


When you buy a NOW Stick from an authorised Retailer you just get a standard receipt which doesn't incorporate any code.


i am wondering if NOW live chat are getting confused with the activation receipt when customers used to purchase NOW Gift cards which has no relevance with buying NOW Sticks.


Blimey 10 Sticks left, you must have cleared out Tesco & Asda stock from your local supermarkets 😀.


i thought i used to buy in bulk to take advantage on special NOW deals, but those days have long gone 😠.


I think eventually i got to about 30 number NOW Boxes & Sticks purely for the Vouchers off them (here a photo from back in around 2016 / 2017 where i never got rid of the hardware and are still gathering dust in the storage cupboard).


NowTV boxes (1).jpg

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I’m slightly in the same boat. Bought a number of Now TV Smart Sticks (which I should add no longer seem to be on sale in the usual places).


I uploaded all of the codes and the passes are stored under Membership ready to use HOWEVER I have lost all of the Sports Day Passes. I had around 10 or 11 to use up. All have disappeared. Have Now TV pulled the Day Pass or something???

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@Anonymous User 

As far as I’m aware NOW have not removed the Day membership for us customers.


Hate to say that this has happened to other customers. Do you have proof of the codes by any chance? 

What I could suggest is either popping onto live chat and speaking with staff directly. By clicking on “chat online”.

Alternatively you can send an email. Address in the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I’ve been on chat and after a few dropped connections managed to ascertain that the Sports Day passes had expired! They were from the Smart Stick boxes with 1 month Cinema, 1 month Entertainment and 1 Day Sports passes pre-loaded onto the Smart Sticks.


What really frustrates me is these were only purchased in December 2020. So less than 6 months ago.

I’m assured that Now TV will look into the Day Sports passes for me (although they did direct me back to the store initially). I so hope they can fix it for me and anyone else in the same boat.


Luckily I have copies of the codes and receipts to help support my query but others may not be as lucky.


On the flip side I’m on the £25pcm deal so may never get to use them even if they do get resolved. 😕