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Dreadful Customer service

Have had a problem with fuzzy picture when watching sky sports.  I notified Now Tv 6 weeks ago (first game of the season) and still cannot get a solution!  Never had such poor customer service.  To call themselves a customer service department is actually quite an insult to any proper Customer Service Department. 'CHOCOLATE TEAPOT DEPARTMENT' would be a more appropriate name.  The last response they gave me was when watching the football, to avoid fuzzy picture, turn off and reset the Now Tv box - not very helpful when trying to watch the game!  They keep telling me it is with their technical department but I have never had a response from them, just ridiculous responses from the chocolate teapot department.  I think they are hoping I will simply give up on this! I even made a complaint about this on the dedicated Now Tv complaints portal but havent had a response to this either! I have to say this is the worst customer service I have ever had and will be a difficult one to beat.  I have my own company and if my service was as bad as this then I would be out of business.  I have now cancelled all Now Tv passes and will not be using again which is disappointing as it was good for watching the football.  Now TV, my case ID is 05408990 if you would like to contact me, it would be nice to hear from you.