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problem with microsoft silverlight using Apple iMac

Hello to all at NOW TV, Please can you help? Everthing was working fine until last night. And then for some strange reason I can't access and watch any movies and/or programmes due to problems with microsoft silverlight. I've tried every solution in the help section and on the forum to no avail. I'm prompted with this message as shown below: 


Sorry, you’re not quite ready yet...
You need to install or update Microsoft® Silverlight™ to watch NOW TV.

After installation, refresh this page or restart your web browser.


Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for your post.


Very sorry that Silverlight is not working on Safari for you. 

Have you tried using the other browsers or deleting the Silverlight programme then installing it again.






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I have been unable to use Now TV for around a week or so now. When trying to view any content I get the following message:


"Sorry, you’re not quite ready yet... You need to install or update Microsoft® Silverlight™ to watch NOW TV. After installation, refresh this page or restart your web browser."


Following the instructions (as much as possible, see below) on this Help page I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted and tried again a number of times to no avail.


On that site above, while trying to follow step 5 (Clear the Silverlight PlayReady folder. (Please go to Solution 3 for the steps to do this), I was sent to this Help page. Within that page, 'Solution 3' (which I presume is 'Activate Microsoft Silverlight in your browser', as it's the third in the list) is intended for Windows users. There is no OSX solution here.


In fact, I could find no OSX solution at all in the Help Centre.


I have spoken to Live Chat, who could not help but did log a call with the developer team to contact me directly via email.


Since then I have emailed the Help team a couple of times and they are yet to find a solution. I have twice had suggestions that are only valid for Windows users only, despite me pointing out twice (at least) that I'm using OSX.


My latest email pointed me in the direction of Silverlight's own help page, here.


When rying to use the 'Fix It For Me' within the Resoution section on this page I'm asked to download a file that will not open on a Mac – at least with an Apps I have. It certainly does not open in my Silverlight app. Yet again, I presume this solution is for Windows only.


Also, the emails I have received from the Now TV Help team are not written very clearly. At all.

Mostly, I have been given instructions – editing options within the Silverlight app, for example – that do not exactly match the options displayed to me. There are options that are similar, but not exact, which either means they are ignoring the version information I have given them, they still think I'm on Windows or they are unable to copy the exact text into an email – incredibly poor descriptive skills from a team whose purpose is to help you.


For example:


Firstly I will need you to make sure you've enabled your internet main search engine to allow now tv to work as a plug in...

Firstly, what does that even mean? Go to Google? Enable Google to do what? Surely you mean my main browser?


Secondly, you know I'm on a Mac and using Safari. So give me the exact steps. In a list. So I can understand and follow them. Like a help service should do.


And their next question...


And also what windows version are you using?



I'm amazed at the poor communication skills.

I've searched the forum but cannot find a clear desciption of a relavant solution and would welcome some help if anybody can point me in the right direction. A thread that contains the answer maybe?


If anyone from the Now TV Help team sees this and would like to improve upon the pretty poor standard of help I've recieved so far, here, yet again, are the details of my OS, Silverlight and browser:


OSX 10.10.5
Safari 9.0.1
Silverlight 5.1.41212.0

I have tried using Firefox but it does not work in that browser either.


Also, just to clarify: I AM NOT USING WONDOWS.


Many thanks,

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Hi all,


Very sorry about the hassle.


I've raised your issues with our technical teams who will get this looked into. In the meantime, please try to use Firefox Browser.


If you experience any issues with Firefox, try to enable Silverlight plug in - 


  1. Open The  Firefox browser
  2. Select the icon in the top right with the 3 horizontal lines (Menu)
  3. Select Add ons, Plugins
  4. Find the Silverlight Plug in
  5. Select 'Always activate' from the drop down




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"Hi Birgit, thank you for the clear steps.


I have followed them within Firefox and tried to play an episode of something. Unforunately, I'm now having a different porblem.


I no longer get the install Silverlight error. Instead I click play and the video viewer window appear, it says 'connecting', it then says 'obtaining licence to play' and then it closes down.


There is a error message the appears at the top of the browser that says, "There's an error connecting, please try again in a few moments. Service updates can be found on our community."


Can you help with this?


I've attached a screen grab of the browser window for you.

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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for trying.


Does that happen with everything you're trying to watch? Have you tried to close and re-open the Browser and tried again?




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Hi Birgit,


Yes, I've tried with a number of different shows and get the same error.


I've quit Firefox and restarted and no change. I've restarted the Mac too to no avail.


Anything esle I can do?


I've also been having the same problem ever since I upgraded to the latest Mac model. I've been searching for a solution for a while now, with no luck. Hopefully this thread will result in some kind of fix. I'm experiencing the exact same errors as John and I'm also running on OSX.

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Can someone please get back to me and those others on this page who are having the same issue, this is unacceptable.


I actually got an email saying...


We're always working on ways to improve our service and quality. I hope the issue with your NOW TV account has been resolved.


What a joke.


And no one has responded to my requests for a refund for this month's subscriotion either.


I contacted Now TV's help centre on 31st January. Posted on two threads on the help forum and am yet able to use my Now TV account on my MacBook.


My help reference (from Now TV emails) is 01144879





Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for posting, apologies for the delay. I will send you an e-mail from one of your cases. Keep an eye out on your inbox.





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We are having the same problem, we have installed silverlightabout 3 times now, can't open it inspite of having installing it and are pretty annoyed that we can't watch now TV on Safari. We shouldn't need to download a whole different browser to watch Now TV when it has been working fine all along. 


Please let us know what is happening to resolve this issue.