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Mac OS


NOWTV player MacOS

Hello I have just downloaded the new MacOS TV player through safari. It now is saying I have too many devices for the new player to work. I don't understand why I need to deregister my mac just to have to re-register it again. Is this right? Thanks N...

Now TV Mac App Quality

Hi, Was just trying out the new Now TV Mac App and wondered how you can check the quality of the stream. Help pages suggest it should go to 720p but it looks much worse than that. Fine when streamed through Apple TV

Why do you use Silverlight?

Why do you use Silverlight? I use Chrome, mainly on an old Macbook nowadays, and as you know based on the sticky I just read, Chrome no longer supports Silverlight. So why haven't you moved to a platform that Chrome does support, like HTML5? Netflix ...

Re: Error: (T3nnn) – Accessing content on NOW TV

Hi  I can't watch anything as whatever I choose, I just get the '(T3nnn) - There's a problem accessing content on NOW TV. Please fix this to watch NOW TV.' message.   I'm using a Macbook pro which was working fine with now tv last night and suddenly ...

Problem with application on IOS 10 (Beta)

Hello, the application no longer works properly since downloading the public beta iOS 10 for my iPad Pro.   When trying to play a video, the message " video playback initialisation failed" Is there any known solution, other than reverting to iOS 9? T...

problem with microsoft silverlight using Apple iMac

Hello to all at NOW TV, Please can you help? Everthing was working fine until last night. And then for some strange reason I can't access and watch any movies and/or programmes due to problems with microsoft silverlight. I've tried every solution in ...

Sky Sports freezing on down load

I purchased Sky Sports week pass last night for the Ryder CupI did all the silverlight stuff and was watching the golf merrily. Today Ive logged on and when the channel downloads all I get is basically a picture - no moving pictures or sound. Im on a...

Resolved! NOW TV Download for Mac

Would I be able to watch NOW TV on my Macbook Pro. I want to watch football in the coming weeks but can't seem to find a download or anything for my Mac.Thanks in advance for your help guys, much appreciated.

Resolved! You need to install or update Silverlight

Hi, I'm running El Capitan and watching Now TV using Safari, which has just installed the latest update (v10).  Since then I keep getting 'you need to install or update Silverlight to watch NowTV', but when I click through to the link Microsoft infor...