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NOW TV Kids Month Pass Help and Info

Kids Month Pass Help and Info   We've compiled some of the main questions you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Kids Month Pass.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   NOW TV Kids Pas...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Kids: Unavailable shows on Live Channels

There are some shows and movies broadcast on Sky channels which we're unable to show via NOW TV due to licensing restrictions.   This will vary on a daily basis, and reduce over time as new licences are agreed. You'll know if something is unavailable...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Kids pass and ee tv

Could any one please tell me when the kids pass will be available through Now tv app on the ee tv box! Started my 14 day free trial through the email link so the trial has started but the kids can't watch it.


Hi the kids channel is not  on my now TV how do I get it please

Resolved! Kids channels on LG Smart TV and Now TV Box

I have got Kids section now on an android phone and Windows 10 app but not on the Now TV box (black) or LG smart tv (webos). Any idea if there are plans to roll it out to the boxes and smart tv apps?

Other devices roll out

When will kids tv come to the apps on:xbox onerokuIs there an update to these devices soon? Thank you

Kids channel

I've been emailed to say I've got a 4 month free trial to this. I have now tv as my kids watch loads of stuff but all the kids channels have disappeared but there is no kids pass/app on my box so where are the kids channels?

Resolved! Kids app

Hi the new kids app hasn't shown on my screen yet even though I've had an email saying it launches today and I have 4 months free, anyone else having the same problem?

Update your NOW TV box to receive the new kids pass

Looks like the updates with the kids pass are starting to appear on NOW TV boxes. You can check yours by doing the following. From your homescreen, go to Settings >System > System Update and see if an update is available. If not, leave it a while and...

Andy by Legend 5
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Disney Channel?

The two daughters' favourite channel, one of the main reasons for buying a NowTV box, update happens and it's gone without trace?!?!

Resolved! Kids pass on Now TV box

I got an email this morning saying I had been given 4 months of the kids pass, which i'm not complaining about as I was planning to buy it anyway! But I can't seem to find a way to use it on the now tv box, I can use it on the laptop. 

Resolved! Kids pass info

Hi, I bought now tv boxes a few months ago, we watch most of the entertainment package including the kids channels. I know the kids channels will be in own section now (mine hasn't updated yet), but I received no information about the changes and yet...