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NOW TV Kids Month Pass Help and Info

Kids Month Pass Help and Info   We've compiled some of the main questions you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Kids Month Pass.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   NOW TV Kids Pas...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Kids: Unavailable shows on Live Channels

There are some shows and movies broadcast on Sky channels which we're unable to show via NOW TV due to licensing restrictions.   This will vary on a daily basis, and reduce over time as new licences are agreed. You'll know if something is unavailable...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Parental Lock for Kids TV

Please rectify this ASAP. My 6 year old needed the pin last night to watch Angelina Ballerina....  Really?

Resolved! Where can I find the kids pass

I have got the kids pass but I can't find it on my now tv. All I have is movies, entertainment and sports. The children's channels have disappeared from my entertainment package though. I am not very happy as thats what my son watches, and would of l...

Kids, customize background?

Hi,Loving the Kids pass, however i have been asked (my little girl) and i quote "can you change the background to something more girlie"?Any ideas? Any selection? Pink n sparkly should do it

Kids tv

Hi, just seen that you have to buy a pass for kids tv now but I had a 3 months free pass which did include kids, my 3 months is not up yet but you have stopped the kids channels. Is there anything you can do, we are not happy about this especially my...

Resolved! Kids Pass???

Ok so it's the 21st of June. The day when the kids pass should be available. Well it just says cancelled on my passes page.. I have a 4 year old who has been counting down the days to watch cartoon network. There's no additional information available...

Resolved! Kids Pass - on mobile or tablet

Hi there - any dates for when the Kids Pass will be available on our selected mobile or tablet devices please?  I have a 4yo in desperate need of Paw Patrol!  ThanksWill

Kids pass, wheres the channel?

Hi,1. Have email with kids pass recipt (4 months). Thank you. However its shows as "cancelled" on my account?2. 21st june today, no new channel on my box? No updates available either?3. My kid wakes up shortly, my life wont be worth living, if she no...

kids pass not working

 Just purchased a free trial of the kids pass but it's not showing up in my you view box. 

Kids TV

Where have the kids channels gone?

Disney channel

Has this been taken off now TV altogether is it not available of the kids pass at all? Only reason was why I bought Now TV was for my daughter and she only watches Disney channel most of the time.