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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Will and Grace episode problem

There a problem with an episode of Will and Grace. It’s season 4 episode 18. The audio is fine but the picture is zoomed in so you can’t see the cast properly if at all. When you can it’s zoomed in on them so you can’t enjoy it. I can’t really watch ...

Channel 5 Issues

Hi all  I'm a long term now tv user, I have recently noticed some issues watching My5. When playing about half an in the picture starts to break up usually with large grey patches, sometimes bright green with pixalated colours, if I keep playing even...

Hiding horror films

Hi How do I hide horror films from showing up in our Now TV Cinema Pass? Our kids are the main users of the service, with our supervision, but it's absolutely ridiculous how many inappropriate, freaky images show up in listings, search, etc. I know t...

We don’t have this right now

Trying to watch series 6 of the flash with my daughter and it has all 6 seasons showing as available, but once I select an episode it goes to a blue screen with the message “we don’t have this right now. We’re always adding new shows and movies so ch...