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Re: Profiles for multiple users

It’s the same with my daughter. She watches it first and I’m left for days wondering if a show has been cancelled or if I’m going name that it was ya week ago I watched something 😂. Then I’m not sure which episode I’m on. Sure it would be great if we watched it together but it’s not always convenient. If Netflix can do it so can Now Tv!


Re: Profiles for multiple users

Hey all


Just wondering if there has been any movement on this, anyone seen any news etc?


Do representatives from NowTV not view these forums?


Would be nice to get an answer from them.


Re: Profiles for multiple users

Come on Sky! Even Amazon prime has profiles now. You are supposed to be leading the UK, but seem backwards. Give us some good news for a change and announce when we can look forward to user profiles on NowTV.


Re: Profiles for multiple users

If they weren't competing with their big brother (Sky TV/Q) they would have implemented this and other things a long time ago. They would have 4K, 5.1 surround or better, and multiple profiles all included in the current price of a single sub a long time ago, and not have all the different subscriptions either.
They can't offer something in a low(ish) subscription that they don't have in their stupidly priced premium TV box packages yet.
I had an email earlier today saying there is another price increase for Entertainment, so the price has doubled in about 5/6 years, from £4.99 to £9.99.
I have been on a deal for the last few years, so if I can't get another deal at the end of the current offer I will have to consider whether I want to continue with a sub.
Talking of subs, made me think how long it took them to bring subtitles to the service, and the provision of that is still patchy.

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