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Possibly the worst app for Apple TV?!

I have been using Apple TV for many years and use multiple streaming apps. But I have honestly very had displeasure of using a worst app than the Nowtv on Apple TV. 


There has been zero effort in making the app user friendly. The episodes are literally just dumped on the platform. 


I could be mistaken but :


1. No watch list 

2. No currently watching

3. No previously watched 

4. No resume 


These are the very basic functions of any streaming app!


If Amazon can offer multiple ways of streaming and still offer full functionality then I'm sure NowTV (or should I say SKY) should. 


I am livid! It puts customers in a very tough position of giving up on watching certain sports, movies etc because they can't deal with the app or just having to endure and feel like a bit of a mug for paying top dollar for a substandard app. 


Clearly Sky feels it's ATV users are not worth investing in and will continue to treat them with contempt. The have been no major updates to the app in years. 


Anonymous User
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  • @Anonymous User 


In its current form I agree it is an awful app but Sky/NowTV do care a completely new app is coming very very soon. Possibly end of this week if not then very very likely next week. 


It will include fixes for your main issues and look similar to the apps on the other platforms. 

Scholar 2

Yeah it's not the greatest but an update should be coming shortly so will see what that brings. But being "livid" is a bit overboard