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Catchup episodes hard to find


I relay quite heavily on the entertainment catch up short cut. I go to see what I have missed last night and found to my surprise that the short cut is no longer there!. Have checked on ipad and smart tv. 

Why has this disappeared?

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I’ve just noticed this too. Very frustrating.

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Hi @DEVONPRINCESS @Anonymous User 


Similar question asked here.


@Jason-C of the NowTV Team any chance of getting back Recently Added Catchup in the highlights Entertainment section where i would gladly sacrifice "Love Love Island" for it 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 .


I just asked now tv on Facebook. Apparently we have to use Recently Added now instead. 

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Totally agree.  I have seen posts which are trying to be helpful and suggest:

A) go to the channel your programme is on and find it thought is only works if you know what channel it’s on.  I never do

B) use ‘recently added’ or ‘trending’ thought is now you have to trawl through two lots of lists instead of just one

C) check artesa’s denying this is a great list but that is all about box sets

D) use search function.....only works if your series is currently on.  I’m thinking of those which have catch up time limitations.  You could miss the boat on an episode as it may have expired.  In addition have to remember which series are on and type in each one so as to find


I can’t always remember what night a series is on and don’t always know when a series is back.  The catch up list was a great catch all and was probably the most useful function.  Actually....probably the main reason why I have nowtv so I can catch up when I can


Please bring it back.  It is a simple function which just simply worked.  Stop over complicating things

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Ridiculous to expect us to go through all that rigmarole when we just normally click on Catch Up, makes no sense at all. And you can't rely on things automatically going into My TV anymore so always just scrolled through Catch Up to find out what was missing, I don't have the patience for doing all that so no point in paying for something I can't be bothered messing about with.
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As a footnote to my earlier comment.....

Latest episode of Modern Family I found in ‘Trending’

By accident found new series / latest episode of NCIS, New Orleans in ‘shows for you’ (didn’t know it was back)


......and explain then why neither is in the ‘recently added’ (a place where I thought it be logical to pop them) but box sets / shows such as Tin Star and Deadwood are in ‘recently added’ when I know they have been available for months


Am I being dense in not understanding the definitions?  Maybe there is some missing algorithm we should be following???


Sorry for the sarcasm but Nowtv are over complicating their listings, not being consistent in how they group catch up programmes, box sets or genres etc


Just bring back the very simple, very user friendly catch up function so we can all stay up to date with the latest episodes of our favourite programmes.  For most of’s probably why we have Nowtv in the first place

Community Administrator

Hi all, @Anonymous User @Anonymous User @Anonymous User @schnapps @DEVONPRINCESS 


Thanks for getting in touch.


This section was amended to the newer "Recently Added" section to allow us to surface better information. The new section should still contain many of the shows that would appear in there before.


I would recommend adding any show you watch regularly to My TV, where you can pick up from Continue Watching when a new episode is available, or from the Watchlist at any point. These My TV items will always be easily accessible from the menu or homepage.


That said, we're monitoring the usage and I'll be feeding back all your concerns with the teams responsible.




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I don't want to know what's recently been added as that does not tell me what new episodes are available & since only about 60% of the series I watch automatically go into My TV I need catch up to see what's missing. I am not going through every channel list to find what I am missing just incase a new episode is available so your service is no longer needed because I just can't be bothered searching through I don't know how many channels/shows to find what I want & I shouldn't need to write a list of everything I watch to keep searching for them especially when I had a Catch Up button to do all that for me, that's the only option that was any use!! As soon as I send this I am cancelling with you, I've been with you from the start, changed account twice for offers but been here from the very start, I'm sure you can see I've been using you a lot less than usual anyway as my daughter recently introduced me to Netflix and they add a 'new episode' message on anything I'm watching, quite simple really and that's what I need - simplicity. Would appreciate it if you could let me know if Catch Up does return & then so will I. Thank you.
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Recently Added and MyTV are not the same functionality as Catch Up. It was a great inconvenience that it was not present in AppleTV app, where it was always a struggle to find anything. is it “hot” or “new” or something else?

Now the iPad app is similarly unusable. 

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some of my programs have stopped appearing in the continue watching which is why its more annoying the the catch up filters gone

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I decided to give your suggestion a go which is why I haven't replied yet. I have found the whole experience frustrating. As to surfacing more content to me, nope, I was "surfaced" to more with catch up. The way you described using Continue watching doesn't really work. New episodes are rarely shown as new.

I have no idea what personas you were using to make the changes, of if you even listened to your behavioral insights team (if you have one). All I am seeing is last years content, and not being surfaced to new seasons starting. I am frustrated and find myself watching much less of NOW TV and wondering over to Netflix and Prime, which have done a much better job of implementing something you are obviously trying to emulate.

We had one menu to search through, now we have numerous and too any clicks to find something new to watch. I really hope you consider bringing back catch up.


Getting rid of the option to view every added episode is entirely counter productive.  It smacks of wanting to be like Netflix without investing in a sophisticated algorithm to recommend shows.  In the absence of a decent recommendation system being able to see every new episode allowed you to stumble upon new shows that you had never heard of.  Now you have to know that a show is on to go and find it.


I hope that someone at Now TV can see sense and quietly reinstate this option.

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Ok.  Now tv really doesn’t want to be user friendly.....


Was looking for new season Elementary which I only discovered was back from an ad on a box set I was watching.  So duly went to the new amended ‘recently added’ aka replacement for ‘catch up’.  Guess what.....that is now gone also!


So started the trawling through the lists


Was not in ‘shows for me’ (which incidentally has not got anything I would want)

Was not in ‘new on now’ (why it should it be?  Oh - I know because it’s new??)

Onto list number 3......Found it!  It was hiding in ‘Hot right now’ (what criteria determines if something is hot right now? Just curious)


Then wanted to catch up on latest NCIS New Orleans.  Not a problem....having accidentally found out it was back and started watching the new least that would be on my ‘continue watching list’!  Silly me.  Of course it wasn’t 


So the hunt began again.  Luckily found on first attempt when trawled through ‘new on now’


Please explain where an new episode of a programme goes once shown live.  The two examples above demonstrate there is no clarity of thinking when compiling lists. One latest episode on ‘Hot right now’ and another latest episode on ‘new on now’.  


Another example of my point is Tin Star is on the ‘new on now’.  That has been available for months.  I know as I watched it ages ago.  Same for Deadwood.  These are not current series so why are they not in box sets as that alerts you there is are complete seasons available


I know in theory they will appear on continue watching once started but as a consumer (remember us?) we need the basic information of knowing they are there in the first place.  We can not spend each and every day scrolling through each list on the off chance there is something we have missed.


It is really simple.  Put a fresh new episode on in the evening and later that night or the following day pop it into a list called ‘Catch up’.  Leave for a couple of weeks and then re-categorise it thereafter


No wonder I’m watching Amazon Prime or Netflix more and more.   


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I agree with the others on here, I used "catch up" a couple of times a week to see what was new, what might be worth having a look at etc.


The "recently added" doesn't replace it.


I've no idea why NOWTV doesn't listen to its customers and reintroduce the catchup feature.

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Me again


After my comments from yesterday......just watching downstairs with a Now tv black box and noticed the lists are ‘recently added’ and ‘trending’ ie the new replacements for catch up.  I was moaning yesterday they had gone which may confused everyone.......sorry for that


..........But my white box in the bedroom has ‘new on now’ and ‘hot right now’ but not the other two.  Hence my rant yesterday


Anyone know why the difference on two different boxes?  Was confused really confused


Could perhaps now tv drop all their customers an email explaining the definitions of all the lists over all the different types of boxes?

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Recently added is not a suitable replacement for the catchup option as it also includes any box sets or older programmes that have been added.

Catchup was ordered by screen date allowing you to see if there was anything that you missed recently and find some new things that might interest you, without having to scroll through a tonne of other stuff.

Also note that My TV often doesn't work, ignoring programmes that you have added or leaving an episode marked as partially watched when you watched the entire thing and just want the next one.

Please bring catchup back I used it every day.
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Ridiculous, absurd they’ve taken it away!!!


Needs to be brought back ASAP!! 

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I am new to this Now TV App on Samsung Smart Tv and like others not sure what I am looking for or how to look for it.  Neither am I sure what My TV is or how to add progs to it, could someone help me with this please?  Also I do not see a button to click for recently added?  Sorry but I ma not tech savvy really and find the app very frustrating?  Also how do I purchase a pass for Sky now?  Thanks.  I still have a black Now TV box so could I plug that in my smart Tv and use as usual?


Asked three times now, and answered once:-


Except if you have rows labelled My TV and Recently Added, you must have a different version of NowTV App from mine, on your Samsung TV.


Though My TV on this iPad is the same as the Continue Watching on the Stick and the Samsung TV App.


Recently Added, as its name implies, is a selection of the programmes that have been recently added to the NowTV roster.


I have individual Recently Added rows under Movies, Entertainment, etc., on this iPad, the Stick, and the Samsung TV App.





Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Can you advise, when a series returns, such as the flash, if I am unable to watch it the day it’s on, can I catchup with it the week it was aired?