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NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

I actually don’t know what to do other than cancel my passes at this point. The customer service team is an absolute shambles!!

Been having problems with the app on my PS4 since the last update. We only use the PS4 for TV downstairs on our main TV, but since the last update it has become practically unusable. 


 I contacted NowTV about this on the 24th July, I was emailed and told that someone would be back in contact with me between 24-48 hours (25th-26th July) I emailed them on the 28th July asking if they had an update since they didn’t contact me back. I received an email response 29th saying it had been passed to a technical team. I have since heard absolutely nothing from them (5 days) and I have emailed them 4 times since then with every single email going ignored. 


My son has a NowTV box in his room that was working perfectly, but now his TV remote has broken and he can no longer use the box. So now I have been paying for a service for two weeks that it unusable. If I didn’t pay for my passes for two weeks I would have them cancelled. 


I have contacted live chat and all they keep saying is the technical team will contact me. I am absolutely disgusted that this can happen and I can just be pushed from pillar to post and then just totally ignored. I’ve contacted Facebook and Twitter who both can’t help me and tell me to speak to live chat. 


Absolutely horrendous. The worst customer service I have ever experienced!! 


Does anyone have a contact email from someone higher up I can contact about this? I’ve today emailed trading standards because I’m utterly disgusted in how NowTV have dealt with this issue, yet they’re still taking payments for an unusable service. 

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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

The Live support Chat is useless. The way the agents communication ability in English makes me think that Live Chat is outsourced to India, one that I was speaking to for an issue that never got resolved by chat said Good Evening when I got connected when it should Have been Good Afternoon.

Also you don't get long enough to explain your problem before they time you out.

You'd probably have got a better and quicker response putting your problem on the Forum.



Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!


I think the whole customer service team is outsourced because all of the emails I have been receiving have been broken English. 

I doubt i’ll get any help here either. I’ve done all of the troubleshooting steps they walked me through and I still have the same issues (buffering, programme information not available, programmes not loading, app force closing and many more).

This morning it didn’t work at all, rather than usually working but taking 15 minutes to watch something. I realise this was a separate issue which was resolved. I thought it may have been my internet connection, so I signed up to Netflix for a free trial to see if I could stream. Contemplating just cancelling my passes and switching to Netflix completely. Really can’t believe how bad the service is, and how they treat customers.

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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

Based on the number of dissatisfied posts here and elsewhere on the net, I’m assuming there’s no point holding ones breath for any real support or resolution assistance.
What’s probably more useful is to seek a group or class action on behalf of all the dissatisfied customers that have bought a service any not received that service with a view to retrospectively claiming our subscription fees and interest back from Sky and obtaining support from the various regulators in imposing penalties.
Shareholders who will be pleased to see the 83% growth since 2014 would not be best pleased to see any jeopardising factors come to bare.

Notwithstanding I’ll share my own experiences as I have 5 minutes to spare before selling some stock.

I've had Now TV for years and similarly have had years of frustration with constant buffering and poor picture quality issues.


For the past year or two I've been using Chromecast as it's the easiest way to access and control all my streaming services from my android without the need for a number of remote control devices.

All the other streaming services work a charm with no buffering, with the exclusion of NowTV.

The TV and Chromecast are physically next to the router which is delivering a download speed of approx. 13Mbs which is more than sufficient according to Now TV.
My Samsung TV also has Now TV but only provides access to films and not boxsets, hence the Chromecast.

Last night I cancelled my Entertainment and Cinema passes as yet again, the service was frustratingly unusable.

I've tried every trick in the book to resolve the matter which includes changing routers, using boosters, wiping and reloading software, having dedicated android devices for the service, liaising with the broadband provider to increase and decrease the decibel speed settings, pause tv streams in the attempt the allow sufficient download, restarting routers several times mid show etc etc

From an ethical (and perhaps legal) perspective, for years I've/we have all, been paying for an advertised service that has not been delivered and we should as a group of dissatisfied customers be looking into financial redress of subscription fees with interest notwithstanding dealing with the various regulators to combine our frustration and press for action however, I'm more keen to post a last ditch plea for any guidance on a) why out of the several streaming services I/we all subscribe to, it seems NowTV is the only one with such a high level of buffering complaints as reflected on a google search and b) why the only devices available on the NowTV site are wireless when there is clearly an issue with their tech, particularly wireless tech in relation to buffering which could be resolved with a wired connection of sorts.
I heard a while ago that Now TV boxes were available (with wired HDMI connectivity) but they don’t seem to be available on the site and I’m not keen to spend even more money trying the fix their problems unless perhaps there are guarantees in place.

If Sky/NowTV or anyone else has any progressive points to put forward that may serve to solve the issue and deliver the service advertised (and paid for), I would be delighted to hear back.



Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

Does this help?

If you've made a complaint to us about your NOW TV service or specifically about our complaints handling process and it hasn't been satisfactorily resolved after 8 weeks, you have the right to refer it to CISAS, a scheme managed by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). You can contact them by phone on 020 7520 3827, by email at [email removed], or by post: CISAS, 70 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1EU.


Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!



I have a complaint regarding the NowTv Passes I bought that are not being honoured because they were not purchased from a "reputable" retailer (as one of the incompetent morons in chat/email support put it).  They purchased from John Lewis, how can they not be a reputable retailer.... FFS!

Trying to get my complaint out and also flooding social media to keep away from these muppets.

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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

Don't expect a response from NowTV. I emailed them because my box keeps rebooting randomly - won't allow me to watch anything on BBC iPlayer unless I restart the device BEFORE selecting the app and starting to watch something. BBC iPlayer app and Channel 4 apps are DREADFUL on there. Channel 4 won't let me play anything. As soon as I select something, it just crashes out. I asked them for their advice, and got no response. 

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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

Not only that they don't even have a 24 hour servicing which is even more frustrating if they're taking your money and not sorting it out so they can keep the money. it's petty for a company to do that

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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

Its Christmas day and I have had the worst year of my life

I am contemplating suicide.


Nowtv have ruined this day for me - because they cant run a tight ship.

I have always loved NOWTV and spoke highly of it.


However this might be the very thing that pushed me over the edge.


I am on my own at Christmas - which for you is abnormal but not for me. 


I have done right by this company.


I once couldnt have spoken higher of nowtv

and now I dont know where I am.


My name is Sophie


if anything happens to me my parents will let you know


a pathetic way of crying for help


but I was ''chatting'' with them the entirety of Christmas day due to a mistake THEY had made

and I dont even know how to bring it to court if needs be.


At the moment - they wont even let me chat with them - Id say avoid if you re considering now.


This company does NOT KEEP ITS WORD


you can not trust a company that does not keep its word.


You be let down and disappointed.


I will update when I hear from them


Suffice is to say Christmas for me is ruined. After the worst year of our lives we couldnt even get today right. Humanity steals from itself. Is too blind to see without love and compassion -

we re doomed





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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!


In what way has Now TV disappointed you? You did not once state what your issue with the service is. 

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