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ATV 4 - Live Channels Not Working..

Just signed up today for trial on Apple TV 4. All catch up/boxsets work fine in 720p .. try and watch a ny live channel and all I get is a a paused static screen of that moment of the program.  None of the live channels stream at all.  Have reset box...

NoW TV on apple TV

Hi All I have the old Apple TV and have been told that you can access the BBC iPlayer and al the catch up TV services through the Now TV app on Appe tv.i cant rellay say as I understand how to log the Now TV on apple tv on to actaully watch anyhting ...

Episode 1 The Affair error

Hi, trying to start watching The Affair through Apple TV but episode 1 says an error occurred loading this content. Episode 2 loads but obviously don't want to start there. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Apple TV No playback

Hello. Just a quick question regarding the service status for AppleTV3. I can watch NOWTV on my laptop, however ApplyTV keeps buffering.  The rotating circle continues to rotate, without any further progression. Seems to be affecting all channels (I'...

New Apple TV - Bugs

1. The new Apple TV supports multitasking, so it appears that if you just exit the app, the stream keeps playing in the background, or, at least, the app thinks it has if you return to it. I have have two devices on my account, but it seemed to think...

The flash

I can't seem to find the flash to show on my Apple TV 4. It's on my phone but not on Apple TV 4. It was on here last week.anyone else?

Sound but no picture

hihello  i'm having a weird problem with my iPad, Apple TV (3) and now tv, and I wondered if anyone might be able to help ? i'm trying to watch now tv, by using the iPad app, bounced over to my apple Pvt. Using AirPlay. This used to work just fine up...

Apple TV4 - login failure

Every time I attempt to log into the new Apple TV app on the Apple Tv4, I get a login failure message. It works fine on my appleTV 3, and my iOS devices. It's infuriating. I notice other people having the same problem. Is there a solution?

App tripping out

So I select NOWTV on the new Apple 4 tonight, it starts to load then trips out to the main AppleTV home page, anyone else getting this?  

NOW TV not loading on 4th generation Apple TV

We're aware that customers are currently unable to watch NOW TV via 4th generation Apple TVs, as the app fails to load.   We're working to fix this issue as soon as possible, and apologise for any inconvenience in the meantime.   To keep up to date, ...