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Apple TV


Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 has disappeared from my Now Tv on Apple TV. Anyone having this problem?Thanks

Some Entertainment shows currently unavailable on Apple TV

We're aware that some shows are currently unavailable on Apple TV.   We're working to fix the issue as soon as possible, and apologise for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.   If you'd like to be updated when the issue is resolved, click Topic...

Harry Potter not playing.

Yet another newly added that won't play and no solution! The HP set will only be around for a limited time and most of them won't play. I pay for NowTV to get decent movies like HP etc, it feel like a complete waste of money when there's always a cha...

Resolved! Error loading content

Hi,I'm trying to watch various programs on now tv via Apple TV. Keep getting the "an error occurred loading this content" for every show, even earlier seasons.

Resolved! Option to disable live tv channels on new Apple TV

I'm forever hopeful that when the new Apple TV launches on Friday, the new Now TV app will allow the live TV channels to be disabled. I'm legally licence free and have been for some time now and have no interest in watching things live. Everything we...

Device Limit Reached

Hi, I have just come across this "Device limit reached" message and was quite shocked.I have only 2x apple tv devices and 1x X-box but because I had to do a hard factory reset on the apple tv, it now shows that I have registered 3x apple tv's but I h...

Blacklist season 2 not in apple tv

Hi, I just noticed that the blacklist season 2 is available when using the app on my PS4, however as I have an Apple TV upstairs I watch things on that too but the Apple TV only has season 1. Is this on purpose or is it an error. I hope it is not a c...

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