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There are known issues with NOW TV on Apple TV

We know that customers can't currently access the Movies section on 1st-3rd generation Apple TVs.   You can still access movies by using the search function within the NOW TV app.   There's also an issue with the NOW TV app not loading on 4th generat...

Resolved! Advice needed about App on old Apple tv

I'm thinking of buying the old Apple TV box as would like to have Ethernet capability for Now TV and also watch Netflix. I've downloaded the now TV app onto my iPad and just wondered if programmes play on full screen via the app on Apple TV. There is...

Resolved! Accidentally removed devises

I have two appleTV's and I have accidentally removed the wrong one is there anything you can do to help as I cannot add it back?

Duplicate device

Hi my nowtv account says I'm watching on 4 Apple TV devices , but there is 100% only 3 , so the system is counting 1 of them twice , if I clear them all off and start again how will that effect the " change one a month " policy

Apple TV too many devices

Hello, tried watching a film on the now tv app on my Apple TV! And got the message error you bed reached maximum device activity limit! I then unpaired all the other devices off my account. But I'm still getting the same message pop up. What do I do ...

Resolved! No weekly or monthly sport passes for new Apple TV 4?

Thinking of getting the new Apple TV. But I just read this article which said you can't subscribe to either weekly or monthly to a sky sports subscription If this is t...

New Apple TV

I am having problems adding my new Apple TV to my managed devices, trying to find a direct contact for Now TV on this site is IMPOSSIBLE. Can some one please contact me NOW TV so i can sort it out, i think my devices need reseting so i can add the ne...

NOW TV app and the new generation Apple TV

As you know, the NOW TV app is already available on the previous versions of Apple TV, and we're working to launch it on the 4th generation Apple TV soon.    If you’d like to be alerted when it’s available, click Topic Options and Subscribe above thi...

Walking dead Apple TV not working

Using Apple TV to watch walking dead but keeps saying an error has occurred. However it works when streaming from iPhone... Please help!!!Cosy night in Fail!