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App not working after update

Once again after an update, Now TV is refusing to play anything on our android devices. 


The error message says there is a network connectivity error, but there is not, as Netflix and all other streaming/web is working fine. Anyone else having the same issue.


Really hope I'm not going to have to make a post after every update, as this is the second time in the last few months that this has happened. 





Tried the reinstall route, lasted a couple of hours then same error. Another annoying error I've noticed is you go to resume a program, and it starts from the beginning.


I would consider getting a couple of boxes, but I've heard that the Now TV/Roku doesn't play nice with Sony TV's maybe that's only the white version.


I do have one question for all those having the network connection issue what version of Android are you all running?


I will say on lollipop not experiencing the network issue, only the resume problem which is a pain. I believe the problem ones are running ice cream, and jelly bean (which meet >4.0), and have both had factory resets.


I will also like to say this has only started occuring within the last couple of weeks, the app has been fine since it was last updated to 4.2.1 on September 1st.