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Tablet compatibility

Hi,I'm thinking of buying the Lenovo Yoga TAB3 10 and wanted to check if now tv was compatible?Thanks

Smart projector

I have just bought a Toumei smart projector that runs Android, download the Now Tv app, logged into my account however nothing will play because an error message states that the devise have been modified? Any help would be much appreciated

Stream media to now tv smart box

I have the AllCast application on my phone and I was wondering if I could use it to cast Media to my now tv smart box. I've tried and it's not worked for some reason

Three things I hate about now tv on android

1: No subtitles.. I have really bad tinnitis, can barely make out speech at times and not having subtitles in this day and age is nothing less than feeble.  2: Even though we don't get the ads we still get the ad breaks. Couldn't someone PLEASE spend...

Android app - doesn't record I have finished a programme

I've fairly recently started having a problem with the 'Continue Watching' part of MyTV on my Now TV phone app (Android phone), which I cast via a Chromecast to my television. Even when I watch an episode right to the end, it stays on the Continue Wa...

EleanorS by Advocate
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How much data does mobile app use on android?

Just signed up to now tv again after getting a year's sub with a phone contract. I have a 16gb allowance but going by the data monitoring app on my phone the Now TV app seems to use about 1mb per second so about 3.6gb per hour (for on demand), which ...

Now tv app crashing

Now tv app crashes when I try to sign in, I uninstalled app and reinstalled but same thing. There were a few days of my subscription wasted as I could not watch anything

Can't add a device even though a month has passed

Hey guys. The My Devices page on my HTC U11 said that I could add another device on September 1st. As soon as it's Sep 1st, it now says I can't add a device until OCTOBER 1st? What gives? I haven't added another device yet.

Conditions changed

Was told i would have to wait til 1st September to add a new device, now it's saying I have to wait til 1st October. Makes no sense. Got the box for convenience but it has been useless so far.

No Sound in App

I have been using the Now TV app on my Samsung S7 for over a year with no real problems.  Today i am unable to hear sound on any of its channels, but can see the picture.  My sound is working as I have played music from Spotify and watched something ...