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Resolved! Live chat/ help

HELP!! where is your live chat!!!!!     ive just joined again but would like to cancel as ive  NOT used the box, and if the money has been taken out, i would like a refund please   thanks HELP!!!  ive just be offered a discount offer 2months for £2 w...

Refund on Cancelation

I canceled my now tv. A payment was taken today or yesterday. The money hasnt left my account yet. can this be stopped please? I dont want now tv at the moment and would like my money back please?

Cinema pass not activated after purchasing

Hi there, I just signed up for Sky NowTV Cinema pass using the voucher code that was provided to me by my email, but after purchasing and going to watch a movie it still ask's me to buy a pass? The payment has sucessfully gone through because I've ch...


My little girl was buggering about with my now tv remote she’s always got it she’s only one, it turns out she’s bough Hayu just noticed as money got took out my account can I do anything

Free Trial Revoked, charged instantly?

Hello guys,I'm not sure if anyone can help me. I tried to access a free trial for the sky cinema pass on my NowTV account, and as I was progressing beyond putting in my card details it told me that I'd already had a trial and that it would charge me ...

Send a Message not working

Hi, I've been trying to get in contact with customer services (or whatever NowTV thinks passes as customer services) for a week now. Their send a message form does not work. I have tried it on an iphone, an ipad, a desktop, on safari, chrome, microso...