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Trying to cancel account contact problems

I've tried to cancel my account twice now by the messaging system on the site, for which I recieved a receipt email both times, the last reference number being 02890873.
I've just replied to the last receipt email as per what it says in the email, and in reply I've had a reply to say the email is not monitored, even though the receipt email says to just hit reply to it to respond!

Can this be sorted out please, as I have left the address and the occupants are running up a large phone bill as they know they wont be paying.
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Legend 5

@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. Rather than relying on the messaging service I would recommend giving the broadband team a call ASAP to cancel and also explain what is happening. You can find the telephone number for the broadband team by going to your My Account > My Package page

(look in the moving home section)