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Reset password

Just noticed now tv has been taken a payment for the last 9 months from me. Im trying to log into my account but to no avail. 

I do not remember my password for the account and every time i select reset password i do no get an email sent to me.

I have tried numerous devices and web browsers yet i still dont get the email to reset my password. 


Does anyone have any ideas?

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@Anonymous User use the account finder. It will let you log in with card details or email address.

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I had this issue this morning - they didn't provide a solution other than "create a new email account or use one that hasn't been used before".

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Follow these steps and you will be able to speak with an advisor


I was able to reset my password this way as they sent me the link.


1. Go to the NowTV home page

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select complaints

3. Click NowTV Passes

4. Click cancelling my passes and then click I still want to complain

5. Click chat online and you will be connected to an advisor


Ask them to help you reset your password and they will do it quickly. You will need to confirm your name and email address. I know these steps are a lot when the email to reset your password should be sent. But seeing as the email isn't coming through and I tried myself about a dozen times. Then this will at least resolve the issue