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Just joined & cannot stream anything! Also can't access cancellation pages!!!

I literally just joined this to see the Friends Reunion. I chose the Entertainment membership at £9.99 per month as I presumed I'd be able to watch it on that.  I keep getting a 'something went wrong' message (for any show I clicked on) & something about 'product can't be retrieved' & I'm to pick another membership!?!

I can't even cancel, cos literally NOTHING is showing up in my account.  It's as if I don't even have a membership!  I definitely put in my card details last night, it hasn't shown up in my bank account yet either. Or is that cos it would be in a month's time? I intended to just watch what I wanted to see & then cancel.

I also tried the help pages but nothing comes up on them either! It's like it's only half-loading. This is all on my PC.  Literally cannot access anything.  I DO NOT want to be billed at the end of the month for nothing!  It's the Entertainment membership at £9.99 per month.  I chose it as I presumed I'd be able to access the Friends Reunion programme.  That is literally all I want to see, especially with it being more poignant now after the tragic passing of Matthew Perry, who was my favourite 😢 

Has anyone else had that something went wrong message about product can't be retrieved????

Thank you!

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Have you tried another browser or deleted the cookies and data?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @FriendsFan 

I am assuming you are not using a VPN?

Haven't come across this message myself, but a few PC owners have reported a message about couldn't complete a purchase recently and their PC clock needed an auto resync when using NOW.

Out of curiosity does your Entertainment Membership work on a mobile phone either using your home WiFi or via mobile internet data if you have an internet data plan on your phone?