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Coronavirus bill extension



So I can't get a hold of nowtv, I'm going to try later but figure I'll leave this here to see if I can get help.


My hours at cut have cut due to my workplace closing and we can't work from home, and I'm not eligible for the 80% wage coverage. I owe a bill and due to having to sign into benefits temporarily I won't get paid till the end of the month. I'm getting cut off next Thursday.


Does anyone know if they are doing extensions for this period or isolation until lockdown has finished?






Am in similar, cant get hold of NOW...cant cancel pass and no support as to what they are

doing. dont see why we cant access passes but seems they want to get as much money out of folk as poss.  

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I am in the same situation as you. I've rang & spoke to the NOW TV broadband team today, and they are not doing anything to assist customers financially impacted by the coronavirus.


I asked if they cold hold off restricting my broadband as my employers can't pay me until the government 80% pay scheme starts and I was told that they can't do anything 'because the system does it all automatically'.



Scholar 3

To be fair most if not all business are continuing to charge full price for services even though they are not providing a full service due to the current situation. We have just had a rent increase, council tax increase, tv license increase, mobile phone increase, all other bills remain the same but due without exception. Good luck speaking to anyone or getting anyone out to fix anything though! It is what it is, just got to roll with it I guess.

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I think is absolutely disgusting that there still cutting people of during this period were being told to self isolate and communicate through internet: Skype,Facebook,FaceTime and these guys cut you off for being a couple weeks late it’s unfair to all the people who have lost work during this crises and unable to pay and as for what they tell you about the automated system OMG it’s soo hard to override a program when there parent company (sky) can do it at the flick of a switch and here we all are thinking NOWTV is trying to help 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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Now TV have told me the same thing that they cannot delay cutting my Internet off due to the system automatically doing it. I only asked for an extra 4 days

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Well even though I knew they wouldn't extend it but I rang anyway and they told me it's out of their ability to stop it now and they are sorry for the inconvenience.


I know that's not true as they have stopped the automated service for me before.


You would think that a company that values its customers would at least be willing to support people during this insane time but obviously not

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I know even if it’s something as simple as allowing people a month to pay
the bill from the due date only a month so there’s bills never overlap I
know I used to be allowed 26days from the bill date to make the payment but
since this coronavirus it seems to have gone down to allow 7 days it’s like
there trying to ensure there getting there money over this pandemic as they
can’t make none through new customers or Sign up fees