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No option to cancel pass


I am looking to cancel my subscription to a pass but when I look for the cancel/manage option, its not there. I am continuously being charged and it shows on the account transactions. I have also searched for the account that my card is linked to (ending in 5201) to be on the safe side but to no success, could anybody provide me information to get in touch?

Thank you,


Elite 3

@Anonymous User when logged into your account online (not the app) there should be a little man in the top right, click on that, next screen click on 'manage account', next screen is 'account summary', click on passes and vouchers and all your active passes should be listed with a 'cancel pass' button under each one.


When cancelling you may go through several screens of 'are you sure' but keep going until you get a confirmation message and a corresponding email.


If you're still not getting any success jump onto live chat by clicking the little blue down arrow towards the bottom of the linked page.