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Change payment card

Please can someone advise how I change my payment card. I have been on my account and clicked to update my payment details but there is no button to save the changes. Am I missing something somewhere? Tried it on Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers but no button. Any help would be appreciated.

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Right, after finally getting an email from technical support, the problem has been solved for me. 

If you haven't been supplied with the fix, or looking here for help, here is how to sort the problem. 


1. Go to the update card details where you input your new bank card info.


2. Input new card details.


3. Go to the billing address details underneath your card details.


4. Select the option to manually input your billing address.


5. On door number, this needs to be 3 digits long. So for examples:

If your door number is 8, enter 008

If your door number is 23 enter 023

If your door number is 315 enter 315.

Basically insert 0's before your number to make it 3 digits.


6.Enter the rest of your address in the other boxes. 


7. Hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. 


That should be your details now saved. 

Thanks to the technical support for finally getting back to m with this fix. 

Not an obvious solution, but worked for me. 

Hope this helps anyone else having this issue. 

All the best. 


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This is the worst service on the planet. I had to cancel lost credit card. I then tried to update it on the site. I've tried to do it online - but all weekend have got same response: "Oops Sorry there Seems to be a problem." The chatbot is hopeless. There is no email to write to or to complain to. 

It leaves us in a complete black hole - unable to solve unless I open a completely new account. 

Solution - signed up Disney and Apple instead. 

Shame... but why support companies that are so stupid?