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"There's Been a Delay on Your Broadband Order" - But all working fine?!

So I signed up with NOW with a go-live date of 15th Feb. The activation didn't actually take place that day, but luckily my old provider was still active. Anyway, NOW went live on the 15th, instant switchover as soon as old provider cut out. No problems there.




Since that day, I've been getting texts multiple times a week (some weeks almost every day), plus emails, stating that there has been a delay on the order. I've replied to the email as suggested at the bottom of the message ("To in touch, reply to this email...")  but nobody ever replies. 


My Account on here shows that the line is still not activated yet, including when I run technical checks - however if I do a check on who my ISP is, it says "Sky Broadband" which makes sense as they own NOW.


Obviously I am pleased to have working broadband, but I am a bit concerned that I am yet to be billed (as they seem to think I am not connected yet) - don't want to end up with a big bill all in one go if they decide to backdate etc. 


Has anyone else ever had this issue? Sorry for the ramble!

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Instead of emailing them, give the NowTV Broadband Team a phone call tomorrow after 8am to see why nothing is showing gone live on your account, though your NOW Broadband is working.


Use the telephone number on this link.


I am assuming you are using the supplied NOW Hub Router and not an old Sky Router on your line.


Have you also checked the telephone line and Broadband Buddy Settings to make sure the BT Engineer hasn't crossed the wires in the street cabinet box on another Sky customers line (seen this happen in the past).


Hopefully the NOW Broadband Team will get to the bottom of it when you phone them tomorrow.