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HDMI connection

I have a Panasonic smart TV which doesn’t have a NowTV app. I tried Google casting NowTV from my phone to the TV but despite having good wifi, the pixelation on screen was terrible. The NowTV app doesn’t support casting downloads, only streaming for some reason so that route is blocked. I tried connecting an X-Box to the TV via HDMI and streaming through that device, but again there was excessive pixelation. I tried connecting my phone via HDMI to the TV via a lightning connector but the NowTV app doesn’t support this (unlike Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime). Does anyone have any ideas how I can watch NowTV on my TV before I give up! Thanks, Adam

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Using an Xbox One or Google Chrome Cast dongle should work with your Panasonic television.


Because you mentioned the picture is pixelated, it sounds to me there is some sort of internet or wifi issue or problem with the NOW App rather than the Panasonic TV HDMI connection.


With regards to the Xbox can you use it over Ethernet and what down internet speeds are you getting.


Also try a fresh NOW App download and a reboot on your Router.


If using wifi try a different wifi channel and if your Router is dual band try both 2.4ghz & 5ghz.


And yes NOW have blocked for a few years now using a HDMI lightning connection between your iPhone NOW App and television.

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Thanks. It isn’t the wifi as all other streaming services are fine and I
get 50mbs speeds.

Will try your suggestions.