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So unhelpful!

Since joining can I get anywhere with this company for help?!?! 

Was supposed to go live on the 24th phone went OK, broadband didn't as extra work was needed in the exchange. No one said anything, I had to chase as we had no Internet. Ever since then the speeds are shocking, the devices connect but without Internet or not at all. I run a line check and I am getting between 7 and 11 mbps when it should be 60+. When I try to check the line through my log in I'm told I am waiting on an engineer visiting but when I finally get through to someone they know nothing about this. When I ask about the speed I'm told to just wait. They can see when connecting to my line something isn't right but won't do anything about it. Any advice anyone? 

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Sorry to hear of your troubles, but just how did you get here?

Were you on a different FTTC ISP, and changed to Now, or is this a complete new install?

How are you measuring your speeds?

Have you followed the advice here: and if so what are you access line/ sync speeds?


We got here with absolutely no help from NOW, every link that is sent has nothing to check the line just words, link the one you have sent. When I try to do this through my account it tells me I am waiting for an engineer but no one at NOW can tell me what for. Why would it be saying this if nothing is wrong. 

We were on the exact same service with your sister company Sky before this and had zero problems. Tried watching a film last night and it just buffered all the way through. 

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@FEDUP01 wrote:
We were on the exact same service with your sister company Sky before this and had zero problems. Tried watching a film last night and it just buffered all the way through. 

Do you still have the Sky router (presumably an SR203)?

If so, have you tried with that router on?

If you are able to watch a film (even with buffering) it seems unlikely there is anything Openreach need to do.

The link I gave tells you how to check for your sync speed (Now call it access line speed), which is why I gave it. So what is it?



Just to let you know that when you say ‘your sister company’, you are not talking to anyone from Now, just to a Community of fellow-customers like yourself, acting as a last-ditch self-help group for those who fall through the net.

So all we can do is point you to fixes for various known problems, tell you how to get in touch with various bits of Now that don’t exactly make it easy for you to find them, and explain some of the difficulties you might encounter.

But I see that you know how to be in touch with Now, so that’s covered.

The next things to know are firstly that it is Openreach who maintain the majority of the internet infrastructure in the UK, and the engineer of whom you speak is going to be an Openreach engineer, not a Now one, so Now don’t have complete control over the process.

But that’s how things are; it’s rather like the situation with Network Rail and the train companies that run their trains over the shared rails.

But as long as Openreach know your line needs attention, it will get it; though it is a cause of concern that Now don’t seem to know about this, and aren’t progressing it as hard as they can on your behalf. When Now are anyway only a second-tier Openreach user, on their 72-hour SLA, not their 48-hour one.

The next thing is that your internet can be running like a piece of wet string, but when Now ‘test your line’ it will look perfect to them. This is a mystery I have never seen a resolution for, but may be due to a thing called ‘sync speed’, the speed which Now will allow on your line, even if it is very far from achieving it.

The next thing to know is that the router which Now supply has all the range of a thrown anvil. But the service from Now themselves is tolerably reliable, the infrastructure over which your broadband is served is the same as it would be from any FTTC supplier (FTTP is a different kettle of fish), and so once your line is fixed, this poor router is the only blot on the landscape.

But you can buy and use your own, much better, router, to cover this area.

A couple of final points; on this Community, no one can hear you scream. If you want to make a more public fuss, use Now’s Twitter/X feed.

And last but not least, you have 14 days to back out of the deal with Now. So if it doesn’t look like anything is being done, start murmuring about that. It may get you more attention.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.

Same thing happened to me. Still no internet. Regret using NOW.

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Legend 5


What do you mean same thing, was the 24th your live date and your still have no internet? Have you called the broadband team?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
I called many times. Didn't work. I just cancelled the service. No hope for
this company.