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Broadband not working

Leaving now tv after 5 loyal years, my advice is cancel your contracts and go with someone else where they care about their customers.

Been left without internet for 10 days and counting with now tv blaming external problems, they have left me and the kids over Christmas with no wi-Fi , presumably it will never be switched back on as I rang and cancelled my contract for the 8th of January, going to be charged extra at the end of January for the pleasure of cancelling a non working service.

Now tv is contracted to provide you with a service as that’s what you pay them for, unfortunately they don’t care if you get your service or not.

Most unhelpful customer service that refuse to apologise for anything, so so rude , worst customer experience I have ever had in my life.

Do yourself a favour and cancel everything you have with these Now TV cowboys.


So everything has been ok for almost 5 years?

If your Wifi is off then connect via ethernet go to the router settings and turn it back on again


Legend 5
Legend 5


NOW don't own a single bit of network. They are 100% reliant on OpenReach. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Another question, you were with Now for 5 years, the standard "contract"(minimum term) is 12 months, after that they (now) sometimes throw  in an offer for another 12 months , after that?

 how much were you/are you paying?