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Router issues

Is it only me that have problems trying to change the various settings.

eg change wifi password or port forwarding etc etc

seems hit & miss

More than often, after changing a setting it will say ..cant open page ..dropped the connection..

or words to that effect.

I assume it can't cope if you overload it.  Using safari on Mac.


Also if I decide to plug in my old SKY router will that automatically work and allow me
to use the extra ports ?


At the moment have configured an old wireless router into a hub to allow me use extra ports and
assume this should not affect the above issues.




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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


See if using the Chrome internet browser makes any difference when accessing the NowTV Hub Router web settings page when making changes to the Hub.


With regards to using your Sky Router you should be fine, though NowTV will not recommend you do it, but if you need to undertake a Technical Check via My Account or have an issue with your internet and need to contact NowTV about it, then plug in your NowTV Router before you contact them so they can test your line at their end.

Anonymous User
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Thanks , so far 100% improvement. will continue with my new setup, then consider SKY router
later if I get any problems.

Anonymous User
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After various problems eg ethernet self assigned ip address, (wifi ok) gave up and now using my old SKY router. Touch wood OK - also better speed.

Not sure if this was router or Mac issue and loads on the internet with various fixes that don't work.

Have now turned off WIFI on mac in case it comes back as this was possibly causing the problem ?


I want to port forward some ports to get my ip camera working through my  Synology NAS drive.


If I use  web based port forwarding to check  it would seem virtually ALL ports are blocked which
doesn't seem to make sense because  for e.g my e-mail pop3 110 is working fine although according to the tool it is closed ?


Will persevere with getting the camera to work, but can anyone with serious network and/or MAC experience explain some of the above in simple terms.