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Now TV Hub 2 Has no internet

I have moved into a new property and started a NowTV broadband subscription, however there is no internet connection.

For background, I was supposed to be moved in by the 26th of November, with my broadband to be activated on the 27th. Things happened and I am still not moved in, however I set my Hub box up on the 3rd as I have access to the property. 2/3 lights were green and have been green since, however, there is still no internet connection after 3-4 days. An openreach engineer called me on Monday to let them into the flat for an installation - which I was given no notice of in advance. Being at work, I could not let him in and that was that. 

I got back in touch with the engineer who advised it was now up to NowTV to contact me for installation. That was the end of that conversation. 

I have tried the advised methods to reset and check my connection, nothing, tried to call but failed to get through to anyone. No other devices have been successful in connecting to the internet. How do I fix this? Is there any other way to get in contact with anyone for help?  

If I cannot get this fixed I will have to cancel my contract. 

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The contact number is there on the help pages, albeit difficult to get. @Jayach  Has kindly posted it for you.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help