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No internet, in the Bath area


There seems to be an outage around the Bath area (postcode BA1) as we have had no internet since last night. The technical check gives varying messages every time I look which don't explain what's going on, and sometimes it asks me to call a number which told me to come here.

I have not seen anyone else mention outages for the Bath area yet so I thought I'd mention it.

This is yet another incident on top of a history of constant outages, network "disruptions", poor download speeds, and lacklustre router performance (I get spotty WiFi even whilst sitting *next* to the router).

Hoping you fix this soon before I consider cancelling my membership.

Champion 2

We can only sympathise here, being as it is a customer forum. You will need to contact Broadband support directly to find out what's going on, the service tools in your account should be a start.