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No internet connection

I had my broadband installation on 2/12/22 in the afternoon at 3pm.

I only got internet connection at 10pm. The router setting is connected correctly and had all 3 green lights all the time.

However, the internet only connected between 10pm until 10 am everyday. The rest of the day no internet at all. I have reset the router multiple times and call the help center as well. The problem still persists.

All in all, internet only available between 10pm to 10am.

Then no internet from 10am until 10pm. 

The 3 green lights always on, just no internet during that period.

Anyone can help solve this problem please?

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You’re best to call the broadband team and request an engineer visit. It’s also possible you have a faulty router.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help