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Re: Updated home screen!

Hi @Batemansxxxb 


The figure of 7831 denotes 1080p when you press the info button on your remote for remotes that shows the streaming quality (5.1 surround sound might be a different matter).


A figure around 4800 denotes 720p.


Re: Updated home screen!

ERM  BSKYB??? Now TV is from SKY! 

But the rest of it? Agree 100%!! It is dia(bloody) bolical!! The SUPPOSED UPDATES?? Have set us back decades!! Apart from the new colour, it really is a total waste of space!

It's SLOW! The menu items are SLOW and simply don't work! You press the button to make a choice and you could almost nip into the kitchen and make a cuppa! And I can't even Ruddy walk anymore!! It is absolutely PANTS!! 

Bring back the old way!!

And Harry  you REALLY think that SKY will listen to its CUSTOMERS??

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Updated home screen!


That IS 1080p. Before without boost it was averaging around 4000+.