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Live Channel Judder (Roku)

Roku Streaming Stick+ 8.1.0, Now TV 4.6 (Build 733)

Ever since the recent Now TV app update on Roku I’ve experienced excessive juddering on the live channels, but only the non-Sky named ones (Gold, Syfy.etc), Sky One.etc seem to be perfectly fine.

It’s exceptionally noticeable on Gold and Syfy, to the point of being unwatchable.

So far I’ve tried:

• App reinstall / update
• Full factory reset
• Removed all post processing from TV and Receiver
• Tried “Auto-adjust display refresh rate” on Roku

Router is sat in the same room and has excellent communication with the Roku, happily plays 4K YouTube with zero issues.

No luck anywhere.

Oddly enough - catchup on NowTV of the very same programmes (for instance Dad’s Army on Gold Live vs Catchup) works perfectly, but the live channel is juddering like mad.

Anyone experiencing the same issue or have any ideas? Only having 4 out of 11 live channels is very disappointing at the moment!
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All, 

Just another update for you all. 

We've pushed this same update to the other channels on the NOW TV Service which include: 

Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Nat Geo Wild 

We appreciate your feedback so far, if you could continue to let us know how you're getting on it would be greatly appreciated. 




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I’ve got same problem with a Roku Express. Also the Sky News app is doing it too.

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Same here Roku express and having the juddering issue, software version 8.1.0. Needs sorting.
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@Tony-D @Anonymous User

If anyone knows anyone else we could tag in please add to the list. So far the others that have been tagged in have apparently given up on supporting us Smiley Sad

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I’m honestly surprised we haven’t had a response as of yet...

If anyone knows of any line of contact that might yield a response / fix - please let us know!

It’s been over a week now with 4 functioning channels...
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Sky/NowTV taking the p*** out of people paying for a service they can't enjoy. I've had to reconsider my recommendation of NowTV to a few friends who had taken an interest. They are all surprised any of us would stick with a provider who clearly regard their customers as 'dirt'! (that was one of the nicer words used) Smiley Sad It's now very obvious NowTV don't care about its paying customers. Their SILENCE is DEAFENING!

They've lost this customer once my passes are up. BTs forum mods are so much more professional in comparison any time I've had cause to query something re BTTV.

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Sky/NowTV bring us a new forum (more on that elsewhere) and apparently sack all their mods (at least that's what it looks like since they've all gone quiet). They were such nice people those mods Smiley Sad