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Now TV Still Has Juddering Frame Rate on Roku Devices in 2024

I bought two Roku devices after my apparently naughty dog chewed my Roku remote! (No replacements, apparently). First, I bought a Roku streambar; good sound quality, BBC iPlayer works well on 4K and 60Hz. But our Hisense TV refuses to switch to 50Hz and Now TV, after all these years of complaints on this forum, is sadly still juddering while on boost. I then bought a Roku streaming stick, believing it was the same model as when I first bought it 2 years ago on Amazon (because the Hisense TV doesn’t have Roku, but the older stick ran well on Now TV at smooth frame rate), but it turned out to be a newer one and sadly still juddering on Now TV. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied that Now TV is now juddering on all new Roku streamers, whilst my 5-year-old Now TV box (no longer made) runs smoothly on 2 out of 3 televisions in my house.


I do hope this issue can be fixed sooner rather than later. UHD works great on iPlayer and I do hope UHD (and 60Hz) will soon become compatably available on Now TV in the not-too-distant future while BBC iPlayer remains ahead of the game in comparison in 2024.

Should I just get a Roku Express, which only goes up to normal HD? (i.e. no 4K) Just wish I could find a streaming device with actually smooth frame rate for Now TV as it’s the only place where I can watch Sky Sports at the moment. It would save me having to go and spend my money on newer yet apparently not-good-for-smooth-Now-TV technology. The mobile app for my iPad is fine.

PS: I consider myself to be a technophobe somewhat so please forgive me

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Sadly staff seldom reply on here.

Best report via live chat. Make sure to be signed in and use the ‘How to get in touch’ drop down.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I have a couple of higher end Roku's and a Hisense TV with Boost.

No problems with 50hz playback for me.

Have you checked in the Roku System Settings if there is an option saying Advanced System Settings and if so see if there is an option to enable Auto frame rate matching.

This feature is not available on the lower end Roku models which are fixed at 60hz.


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Hi @p44l 

See if any of your Roku players offer this. 

I have a Roku Stick Plus and it works great for me on my Hisense TV where I get 50hz on both NOW and BBC iPlayer for example when auto frame matching is set to on.

Depending on your Roku models you may have this feature or not.







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