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Cant login LG TV

I have a LG TV  model number 42LM760T-ZB with software vresion 04.62.12 which is connected to internet via a cat45 cable and works fine for all other online services. Now TV version is 002.0005


I have in the past be able to login to NowTV from this device and watch the Sports package. But recently I can not get it to login. I have tried deleting the device from my devices. Update software of TV. I know my password and login details as I can login from my other TV ( Samsung). I can also loging from my android phone and Samsung S4 pad. The LG tv is the only device that i cant log in from.


Keep getting to log on screen put in password and get  ' There seems to be an issue with your account'. I have tried using a usb keyboard as well but this wont work.


Can anyone help. Driving me mad

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