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Problems logging in

Hi anybody having trouble logging into their account or ROKU.

Ive been using the ROKU3 for a year now. but recently removed it to temporarily replace it with a different device. I am now re adding the ROKU to my account. Ihave waited until the new month but I can not access my NOWTV account either on the laptop or the roku. It says there is a problem try again in a moment.( for 2 hours now) i have checked my user id and reset my password. I am able to see y billing details??? but not my passes or my devices etc.

Any help appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User, 


Thanks for getting in touch with us here at NOW TV. 


I'm sorry for the issues you have encountered when trying to sign into your devices. 


Can you please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue?

What happens when you try to sign into your devices? Do you get any specific error code? 


Please try resetting your NOW TV Box and then try clearing your cache and history and let us know how you get on?





Anonymous User
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Hi karl, it seems that being out of the uk was the problem. Im back home today and can log into the account with no problems??